Give Hope and Hold 'Em
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Give Hope and Hold 'Em 2013 Orlando Charity Events
Give Hope Foundation was established as a non profit corporation in early 2005. As a volunteer operated non-profit organization, we provide support to children and families in Central Florida who are battling childhood cancer and have a unique combination of medical, emotional and financial needs.
As part of our operation, Give Hope Foundation has made it a priority to keep our costs as low as possible. To this end, Give Hope Foundation was founded under to have no member of the organization compensated in any way whatsoever for their efforts. Additionally, we work very hard to either self perform many organizational functions such as web design and accounting. For other services, such as web hosting and printing, we have worked hard to find business partners to provide these services for us. It is in this way that our supporters may donate to us and know that their dollars are not spent to simply pay our bills, but rather that their generosity goes where it should - directly to the cause.